Next-Generation Descent Technology

Bailout Systems was founded to provide individuals with the most advanced descent systems available. Today, we have met that need with a new breed of technology designed to save lives in various professional markets.

Reducing risk when it matters the most

Bailout Systems' advanced hands-free descent technology delivers superior solutions for anyone whose work demands the highest performance, allowing people to focus on what matters most: their job. Bailout's technology is top in class, offering unmatched ease of use, superior safety, and practical portability. Its versatility makes this technology a powerful tool in any industry.

Prototype Model

Superior descent in high-stakes environments

Firefighter suspended on the side of a building

Technology that allows descent without hands

Our hands-free technology allows users to focus on their work rather than their safety. This technology adds valuable mobility for users who work in demanding environments. The priority should be the task, not the exit or descent!

Technology that is convenient and intuitive

Lightweight and pocket-sized, Bailout System's technology delivers convenient portability. Its intuitive design significantly reduces training time by eliminating input from the user during one of the most dangerous parts of the operation: the descent.

Versatility: Speed, Scale, and Weight

The technology's versatility allows the user to vary speed during the descent. Because this technology is different from typical friction-based devices on the market, it can accommodate any diameter of line or rope and can be scaled to a wide range of weights in descent.

"Let's create the impossible!"

Michael Ragsdale

Founder and CEO

Our mission is tested, true, and unwavering! We push the boundaries of human performance through innovative and intuitive lifesaving technology.

We design, develop, and produce descent technology that empowers its users, providing safer products with enhanced performance!