We’re Bailout Systems

Our Origin Story

One rock climbing adventure at the Red River Gorge changed the future of descent equipment forever. Founder Michael Ragsdale survived a 100-foot fall from the gorge and a 3-day coma in the hospital. After getting back on his feet and learning to walk again, he realized that many first responders were forced to use the same gear that had failed him. Michael knew something had to change, and thus Bailout Systems was born.

At the request of his best friend Archy, a fellow sailor in the US Navy and current Covington, KY Firefighter, Michael started developing a fall safety solutions for the fire industry. The goal: create a device small enough to be carried by a firefighter, while also allowing for a hands-free descent. Experts told Michael it was impossible. Today, after years of collaboration, hard work, and dedication, Bailout Systems has successfully redefined what impossible means. Our technology goes beyond the fire industry, encompassing military, rock climbing, arborists, and more.

Bailout Systems is employee-owned and nationally recognized. We continue to pursue the safest, most intuitive and versatile technology so you can do what you do best, at the highest level.

Meet the Bailout Team

Michael Ragsdale headshot
Michael Ragsdale


Ian Ferguson rock climbing
Ian Ferguson

Creative Director

Ben Krupp profile photo
Ben Krupp

VP of Engineering

Haskell Simpkins headshot
Haskell Simpkins

Lead Engineer

Jordan Daugherty

Product Development

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Patrick Henke


Zane Decker rock climbing
Zane Decker

Product Development / zd3D

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Ines Garibay

Garibay Media, LLC

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Matt Fahey


Jeff Banker


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Alison Meineke

Public Relations

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Roddy Bullock


Developed with close partnerships

Bailout Systems’ technology has been developed for over a decade in close collaboration with firefighters, military personnel, technicians, industry experts, and educational institutions. These partnerships have allowed us to create a new and disruptive platform technology.