What Professionals Are Saying

About John Allen

  • Firefighter, Boone County

“Referring to a fellow firefighter who has never rappelled, being able to go over the side with something that has dual redundancy, allowing her to safely descend, will allow her to face her fears, and then [allow her] to safely complete tasks.”


About Brett T Scharringhausen

  • USCENTCOM CCJ8-Science
  • Technology Scout for the Commander Chief, Discovery & Integration

“United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), all Services, along with the Civilian side which includes Homeland Security (HLS - which includes all First Responders, to include Port and Border Security), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Fire Fighters all told me they want this device, to replace old legacy systems.”

About Adam Camara

  • Tech Warrior SME

“I feel like this technology could definitely be utilized by the military through sling loads. If you were able to make this much stronger and have a ‘cut away’ built into it, sling load operations would become easier and much more expedient.”

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About Jimmy Adams

  • Engineer at Covington Fire Department

“It's so smooth and controlled! It's not too fast, it's not too slow. Just a smooth controlled descent the whole way down… I loved it!”

About Garrett McCarthy

  • Rope Access Technician / Radio Tower Technician
  • US Navy SSBN 2nd Class Machinist Mate

“[Bailout Technology] is a versatile safety tool that can be used to get unconscious climbers to the ground faster and safer than ever before.”

“I see endless equipment hauling potential using this technology.”

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About Master Sgt. Gary Hasecuster

  • Investigator at the 88th Security Forces Squadron
  • Tech Warrior SME

“Clearly an awesome integration potential with firefighters and Military Working Dogs for insertion.”